Home Grown

" Expect Nothing and Expect Anything from Everybody !!!!!!! "

-- Apolegetics aka Agetics
:: Tha Lyrical Lego

( Sept. 1 / 06 )

Entry #4-

Most Don't Know !!!!!!!

Oct. 24/06

Shakin' inside but can't cry, I look 2 tha sky/
cuz ma life is complex like dat level in Golden-Eye ! /
Most Don't Know whut artists like me faces/
havin' 2 analysis whut I say, do or don't on daily basis/
keep up paces so many goals I'm gotta chases/
deal wit hate-its hard 2 smile in tha faces of racists ! /
I gotta stay pure so srceenin' sounds is tha only way I could say-this/
N by fortify-N ma temple like military bases./

-- Apolegetics aka Agetics
:: Tha Lyrical Lego
Entry #3-


Aug. 30/05

Like Mike in 92' I'm bout throw punches/
sum you won't wanna take-N ya system like old lunches/
but sum you will cuz they could heal ya like a pill.../
....or natural herbs like plants better 2 be real/
like business mans I have plans 2 take stands/
so I gotta be careful like a surgeon with his hands/
cuz like websites I've bin gettin' hits/
sumtimes I scream (Ice cream) but un-like bananas I'm not gonna split/

-- Apolegetics.
Entry #2-

Why I Rap?

May 04/05

Like dragons out ma mouth I try-N shoot fire/
cuz like Fred and Kirk Lord 2 praize is "My Desire" /
N thank you U 4 savin' ma life Kanye wit "Thru Tha Wire" /
N 2 show like peeps not tellin' da truth da devil is a liar/
like university professors I speak 2 teach/
so peeps avoid gettin' da life sucked outta dem like blood plus leach/
2 peeps like money 2 da poor tha Gospel I wanna give/
so they'll personally know Jesus cuz like da music genre 4 Him there's no alternative! /

-- Apolegetics.
Entry #1-  

8 bar FreeFlow

Dec. 20/03

Yo we livin' a time dats crazy wars, S.A.R.S. and snippinin'/
We preach Jesus keepin' da devil on lock like vice grippin'/
Cause to God tha devil's second like Mike and Scott Pippen/
But people swear were tyrna hurt them like Chinese torcher water's drippin'/
If they're not healed they stay hurt like men movin' to fast with they pants zippin'/
Not realizin' that we fell from tha beginnin' like women with heels walking down stairs and they foot missin'/
Slippin', we've fallin' and we can't get up minus tha givin'/
Of God's hand to pull us up out of this life of sinnin'/
Which is a valley, and bring you to His mountain like explores and hikinnin'/

-- Apolegetics.

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