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 Mixed Music Mixtape Volume 2 cover - APOLEGETICS AKA AGETICS - July 31 / 2009 - NEW BEGININGS

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 Mixed Music Mixtape Volume 2 back - APOLEGETICS AKA AGETICS - July 31 / 2009 - NEW BEGININGS

New Music Project the:

" Mixed Music Mixtape Vol. 2 "

* HOUR by HOUR /
** 9 b 4 8 Entertainment

*** Official Release Date:

**** Tuesday August 4 / 2009 !

*** FREE DOWNLOAD !!!!!!!

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1. Music Encore
2. T D.O.T. Music
3. Shady Man Music
4. Struggle Music
5. Feelings Music
6. Worship Music
7. War Music
8. Love Music
9. Holy Music
10. Music Features Freestyle


- 7 aka 7th Seale
- Tatenda
- CeCe

**** Mixtape comes complete with FULL songs, each with a different a concept... continuing the from Mixed Music Mixtape Vol. 1....

Add me on MSN at: Apolegetics_Music@hotmail.com hit me up with your questions, comments ( both pos. & neg. ), advice, tips, suggestions, knowledge, jus to say wud up / hi, etc.
I will be online LIVE periodically - if I'm not online when you are online just please send a offline mess and I will respond when I come back online. I look forward to hearing from ya'll.......


Apolegetics aka Agetics.

Thanks to all of ya !!!!!!!
I really appreciate the continued support even with the lack of updates ( info, music etc. ).
I hope ya'll are and bin to doing well - for ma peeps in tha D.O.T. hopefully you finish diggin out from all dat snow lol - man I'm hearing some streets styll ain't plowed !
I want to assure ya'll though that I'm styll here / alive / well / & working !
So much has happened, alot of which I was able to learn and grow from. For all ma mailing list peeps - new updates are on the way - I'm looking into having some changes made to some of the sections in terms of the way info / content is relayed. ( i know some peeps prefer to listen instead read and vica-versa. ).
Lookout for some new music coming soon Lord willin - there's so much to be said... .... stay tuned like automobiles wit regular check ups.


Apolegetics aka Agetics
:: Tha Lyrical Lego.

it's dat eagle Agetics no joke/
ya, I made it thru tha smoke, no boost/
could of bin toast, or roast, I loaf-/
-ed 2 get most, things in order/
ma focus list became shorter/
tryna increase tha least/
ma site waz updated at least once a week/
even more at its peak/
now like tha last name of Memphis its bin bleek/
thru tha ashes, i got scratches, gashes, cut like classes/
harasses from masses sucking sand from my hour glasses/
but life's booth i past-it, God gave me sum passes !


Apolegetics aka Agetics
:: Tha Lyrical Lego.

2 0 0 7     { below }

Sayin' ya'll ? Happy 2007 !!!!!!!
I sincerely apologize for tha lack of updates for so long....... I bin goin' thru a number of tings all of which I believe were necessary ( even tha tings I didn't want too, or feel were ) to bring me too this point and beyond....... I do got a new updates on the way to try and further explain my hiatus, catch up, and move to new heights that have never been reached before !!!!!!!
I'm overwhelmed with all ya'lls continued support, understanding, encouragement, and love - it will not go un-rewarded.
Apolegetics aka Agetics
:: Tha Lyrical Lego.

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NEW ! Lyrical heat on the: Mic Check / Home Grown page,
Check it out now !

BIG UPS ! too one of tha BEST production companies EVER !!!!!!!
They cover a very vast range of musical genres such as: Hiphop, R & B, Soul, Soca, Reggae, Neo-Soul, and Jazz....... with over 10 years of experience under their belts.
If you need beats, don't sleep,
go NOW and check out
these peeps ! CLICK HERE

2 NEW Links have been added too the:
" LINKS " page, See them out now !!!!!!!

Mad Luv !!!!!!!
2 one of tha most influential and greatest hiphop artists of all time:
Tupac Amaru Shakur -
R.I.P. ( 1971 - 1996 )

September 13/06 --
10th year anniversary today.

GOOD NEWS !!!!!!!
Member I waz sayin' how I had even more betta news on tha way... well here it is thanks too God, J teda J designs ( ma website designers / maintainers), and everyone out there supporting, checking my site ( both new people and the ones who return on a regular ) we have hit over
for this year alone ( not including last year ) !!!!!!!

Thanks so much again too all ya'll out there, Lord willin' we gonna keep this going with regular updates, new music, lyrics, news etc. So please continue too support, cuz tha best is yet too come !!!!!!!


Apolegetics aka Agetics
:: Tha Lyrical Lego

Sayin' all ma peoples ?
I hope ya'll are doin' great, if not remember:
" everything U see is for short " that includes tha hard times u might be goin' thru... so stay-up cuz it won't last.... you gonna make it thru alright !!!!!!!

On a different note, I gotta say thanks again 4 all tha luv N support with everything but especially with my website ! This month has received tha most hits ever since it waz launched, with over 260,000 + hits !!!!!!! And it doesn't stop there, I got more better news then that comin' real soon Lord willin' so stay tuned like ya favorite T.V. program.......


Apolegetics aka Agetics
:: Tha Lyrical Lego

I have " 3 " BRAND NEW webpages !!!!!!! Now you could check me out on:
Click too SEE NOW !!!!!!!

BIG UPS! too www.MegaCityHiphop.com for all of tha luv you shown me...
.... you can now download
" Secular Music " and
" Gospel Music " from my first music project the: " Mixed Music Mixtape Volume 1 " for FREE! on their site,
Click Here !!!!!!! too go too tha download page now.

NEW updates on Da 411 page have posted !

FOUR NEW Links have been added too the Links page,
Check them out !!!!!!!

Sayin' all ma peoples ?
I gotta say thanks too everyone for all tha support & patience over tha years & especially for this past year... I really appreciate it !!!!!!!
It's been just over a year since my website officially launched and tha amount of people hitting it has increased dramatically.... in fact this year alone we have surpassed over a half a million hits !!!!!!!
I'ma stay on:
" J te da J designs "
( ma website designers )
too make sure they keep the site fresh / updated / current / & unique for ya'll, so continue too come back on a regular basis, ( new updates are once a week Lord Willin' ) and tell ya friends, family, spread the Word !


Apolegetics aka Agetics.

I'm performing on Fathers Day Sunday- June 18/06 @ Dominion Ministries Elmbank Community Centre- Rampart Rd. ( Martin Grove & Finch ). @ 10:00 am.

BIG SHOUT OUT ! Too U.F.T. ( University Of Toronto ) Downtown Campus / African Enterprise and too everyone else who attended the show on May 20 / 06.
I thank God all went well, I learned alot. Good luck on ya'lls mission trip to Soweto, I pray all of your expenses will be raised before your leave !

I'm performing tommorrow evening- May 20/06 @ U.F.T. ( University Of Toronto ) Downtown Campus. @ 5:30pm.
Click Here to VIEW FLYER
and for more details.

NEW event posted on: Da 411 page, check it out !

(―`•._.• Apolegetics aka Agetics » " May - 06 " « Mailing List Update •._.•΄―)
Is Out Check Ya Inbox or Junkmail for all the NEW updates !

Sayin' everyone ? I know it's bin a minute since my last message, but I'm styll here, I thank God for that !
I got various projects in tha works, as for my next music project the: " Mixed Music Mixtape Volume 2 " it's on tha way comin' soon. I hope ya'll are find too, even if you goin' thru stuggles jus keep fightin' and hangin' on and asking God for help remember things seen are for short ex. problems / struggles they won't last but you will so stay strong !

New Links posted on the Links page, check em out !

BIG UPS ! too Mc Master University and too everyone who attended the show on March 26 / 06.
I had a excellent time, and met alot of new people. I thank God all went well and I look forward too ya'lls next event !

NEW upcoming show for tommarow Sun. March 26 / 06,
see: Tour / Upcoming Dates page for details.

Sayin' everyone ?
I hope all is well ! Alot has been goin' on and the best is yet too come !
Various songs off the:
" Mixed Music Mixtape Volume 1 "
has been gettin' radio play from Hamilton, ON. Canada too Hawaii !!!!!!!
See: " Da 411 " page for more details.
Too all DJ's world wide get at me so we could get ya'll some tracks for your shows etc. as well !

Thanks !!!!!!!
too East Toronto C.O.G. for having me at your youth night last night, I seen some familiar faces and also met some new ones. I learned alot, Lord willing your next event will be even bigger and better, and it will touch more lives for Jesus !!!!!!! God bless ya'll and keep it up !

I'm performing tonight @ EAST TORONTO C.O.G. ( on Birchmount Rd. just south of Lawerance Ave. ) today: 7:00 pm !
see: Tour / Upcoming Dates for more details.

Big Ups !!!!!!!
too UFT Scarborough & Faith In Action for having me at your concert I had an good time. God bless ya'll and keep growin' !

" February " Lyric of The Month has been posted !!!!!!!
See: Lyrics / Lyrics Of The Month page.

(―`•._.• Apolegetics aka Agetics » " February - 06 " « Mailing List Update •._.•΄―)
Is Out Check Ya Inbox or Junkmail.
It also includes over 16 bars of exclusive, never before seen lyrics dealing with black history etc. !

Brand NEW section:
has just opened up see: the menu ( on the left ).

The live-in radio session was
" off the Chain like freed prisoners !!!!!!! " ( Apolegetics, 2005 ). It was amazing, I had a great time ! Big ups to UTM, The Vibrasonic Experiment, DJ ONCS6 and Angel ( you took some great pics and videos ! ). Thanks to everyone who tuned in on local radio and well as world wide on the internet I really appreciate it ! For all who missed the show for what ever reason don't worry Lord Willin' I will have the recording of the full session very soon, so look out for it coming soon to ya'll !

I'm going to be on the radio TODAY !!!!!!! Tuesday, Feb. 7 / 06 ( Lord Willin' ).
at 5pm - 7pm EST. for a Live in session on the
" The Vibrasonic Experiment " with
CFRE 91.9 FM !!!!!!! see:
" Da 411 "
page for more details.

Big Ups !!!!!!!
too East Toronto C.O.G. for having me at your church and for all the love that you showed me. I had an excellent time, and I look forward to seeing ya'll again, God bless ya'll !

My MySpace page:
www.MySpace.com/Agetics has gotta a makeover and has been ' Remixed ' like that new BET show....... check it out !

First Lyric of The Month
" January "
for 2006 has been posted !!!!!!! See: Lyrics / Lyrics Of The Month page.

Every get tried of clicking through various picture galleries one picture at a time ?
Well now in both of the picture galleries on the Multimedia / Pictures page you can view slide shows with full captions ! Just click the " Click Here to View Slide Show " link it'll open up in a new window, just maximize the window and the pictures will show one after the other automatically, just sit back and enjoy.
Click Here to View Them Now !

Live in session radio show
" The Vibrasonic Experiment " apperance
scheduled with DJ ONCS6 on CFRE 91.9 FM !!!!!!! see: " Da 411 " page for more details.

Hi all ma peoples,
well like freshly changed tires 2006 is off too a good rollin' start !!!!!!! I wanna say thanks you everyone for checkin' out tha site, it's gettin' some of tha highest hit numbers ever ! Lord willin' we gon keep it fresh, fun, real, informative, educational, Biblical, and holy.

Now that my first music project tha:
" Mixed Music Mixtape Volume 1 " is out I thought I'd show ya'll what it was like while I was recording it.
SEE: Multimedia / Pictures page for a NEW gallery >> ' In Tha Studio ' that just opened up with some added new pictures !

New event posted on: Da 411 page.
Check it out it's looks to be a big event !

Big ups ! too ARMOURLIGHT for being the first spoken word artist to grace tha: Mic Check / Other Artists Page with her lyrical content.
Make sure ya'll check it on tha: Mic Check / Other Artists Page !

Sayin' world ?
This is tha first NEW update for 2006 !!!!!!! Look out for various updates on existing pages as well as new sections opening up in tha near future !
There's alot of things that have bin along time comin' which I've bin tryna bring out on tha site so stay tuned like satellite T.V. without a weather storm....... it's on it's way !

2 0 0 5     { below }

I also would like too thank God first and everyone for all tha support ova this year 2005 as well as previous years, I really appreciate it ! Alot of stuff has happened this year both good and bad but I thank God that I'm styll here alive N well. Thankx for all tha comments on my first whole music project ever the: "Mixed Music Mixtape Volume 1" , Lord Willin' in 2006 there will be at least two more music projects from me. Thanks too all tha artists for allowing their lyrics 2 be on tha Mic Check / Other Artists page, I know it will pay off soon things are about too blow ! I pray ya'll will continue too support me in the coming 2006 year. Too everyone God Bless, stay safe and live out your purpose in 2006 and beyond.......

Final Lyric of The Month " December " for 2005 has been posted !!!!!!!
See: Lyrics / Lyrics Of The Month page.

Tha highly anticipated conclusion of tha " Motivation " Series
" Motives " ( Motivation Part 4--Tha Finally ) has been posted !!!!!!!
See: Lyrics / Lyrics Of The Month page.

October, November, & December Mailing lists have been sent out !
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Each update includes over 16 bars of exclusive, current, never before seen lyrics !
If you're not on the mailing list please join it on the: Mailing List page so you can start receiving FREE !!!!!!! lyrics, latest news, & monthly updates !

MERRY CHRISTMAS too everyone !!!!!!!
Enjoy tha holidays, and tha final days of 2005.

Sayin' everyone ?
I know I haven't talked wit ya'll for a bit, but I've bin workin' on a good amount of updates for tha site as well as my: www.MySpace.com/Agetics page.
Check it out....... shout out to all tha peeps who bin checkin' it out, listenin' to my music, and too all tha new friends I've bin makin' on it !

For all those wondering what my next music project will be...
.... you can see: Da 411 page for tha answer !

Check out tha conclusion of tha
" Motivation " series from the Lyrics of the Month which will be: " Motives. " coming soon.... later this month... Lord willin'.

I jus wanted to say hi and thanks to everyone who has ever took time out too check out my site once or many times, sent messages (pos. or neg.), requested for shows, etc.
I really appreciate all tha luv !!
I'ma continue to stay on my site developers to keep tha site as fresh N current as possible, and continue to bring ya'll life changing music... Lord willin'....

"Not Motivated ( Motivation Part 3 )" has been posted !!
See: Lyrics / Lyrics Of The Month page.

Tha "Motivation" series from the Lyrics of the Month continues with: "Styll Motivated." See: Lyrics / Lyrics Of The Month page.
That's part 2 in tha series... look out for part 3: "Not Motivated." coming soon....

(―`•._.• APOLEGETICS » "September - 05" « Mailing List Update •._.•΄―)
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It also includes over 16 bars of exclusive, current, never before seen lyrics !!
If you're not on the mailing list please join it on the: Mailing List page so you can start receiving FREE! lyrics & monthly updates!

BIG shout outs to The Crossmovement!!
The concert waz "off tha chain like freed prisoners!!!!!" ( @pG , 2005 ).
Mad luv to all ma peeps... I seen alot of familiar faces.... & met some new ones as well.

I just realized that more times I take time to thank other people, & forget about the One who deserves all the praise & thanks... so thank you Jesus cause if it wasn't for you I wouldn't be here, or .... even have waken up this morning !!

Lately I've been meeting alot of different people ex. artists, producers, managers, teachers, etc. who have been showing nuff love! So I wanna say thanks to ya'll, also that I would like to keep in contact with you; the best way would be mailing list with I encourage everyone to join. This will have the latest news as well as give everyone a chance for feedback etc. You can join on the Mailing List page.

My heart N prayers go out too ALL tha victims of:
Katrina & tha slow response of help (food, water, etc.) to tha people !
To everyone that can help please help in any way you can, weather it's prayers, financial, clothes, water, food, homes, etc.
These are the last days and things are going to get worse, other places on the earth will be hit with various things so we need to help out each other !

Thanks to everyone who came out to Culture Fest & Music Fest 2005 !!
It's too bad that the show had to stop,
but I styll had a blast like rockets takin' off !!

Sayin' Everyone?
Well it's that time again, labour day weekend then back to school.
I hope everyone will have a safe, & enjoyable long weekend
whether you're awake or sleeping
and that things will be live & not bleek-N.
I can't wait to see everyone at Culture Fest tonight (see: Tour page) it's gonna be hype !!

(―`•._.• APOLEGETICS » "August - 05" « Mailing List Update •._.•΄―)
Is Out Check Ya Inbox or Junkmail.
It also includes 18 bars of exclusive, current, never before seen lyrics !!
If you're not on the mailin' list but you sign up before Sept. 5 / 05 you can still receive the August Mailing List Update with all the lyrics !

Two NEW upcoming shows for the weekend!!
Check the Tour / Upcoming Dates page for details.

I know it bin sum months since I dropped something on the
"Mic Check / Home Grown" page so I decided to heat it today...
....see " PuNcHeS " CLICK HERE
See, lately I've been takin' alot of puches from various angles so I decided to throw some back...
don't get it twisted I don't mean literally jus lyrically...


I just got word that the
"FULLY ARMED" Concert will be post-poned to a later date which will be accounced later.
Sorry for in-convience, they want to make sure that it'll be one of the best concerts of the year !!

Mad respect to the first artist reppin'
the islands to post lyrics on the
Mic Check / Other Artists page.
Recently I've been meeting and hearing about various artists from various locations, it don't matter where ever your from you can post your lyrics on the Mic Check / Other Artists page! Calling ALL artists... if you can write I wanna read it.... get @ me.

Sayin' peeps?
hopefully everyone enjoyed the long weekend.
Big ups too all the people who came down too the T DOT & G.T.A. from around the world this weekend, I seen some real nice whips....... LOL.

There are NEW links posted on the Links page... check them out.

Sayin' everyone?
If you're on MySpace.com you can check me out at:
there has been various updates since the page went up.

BIG BIG shout out of love to my home church: DOMINION MINISTRIES
for all the love and support, as well as being one of my sponsors !
Everyone CLICK HERE! to check out our ministry.

Today I thought I'd leave everyone with one of my realest, deepest & heartfelt quotes:
-- Apolegetics (Feb. 2003).

The July Mailing list update has been sent out; check ya inboxes or junkmail for the latest updates & FREE up to date lyrics!
Not on the mailing list? Go to Mailing list page too join and start receiving all the updates.
All that is needed is your name and e-mail NOT your address, that's optional and would only be used for ex. if we needed too send out something like a mixtape, Album, merchandise etc.

Well we at like mid summer time now and alot events are going on!
I've been keepin' my ears too tha streets too keep everyone in tha loop with the hottest events happening in the 'upcoming events' section on "DA 411" page.
But I can't be everywhere so if you know of a hot event that I don't already have in the upcoming events section please let me know so I could help spread the word; and that goes for any city / country around the world not just local events!
Send events to: info@Agetics.com

I got to say thanks to and send a special shout out
to my new sponsor: " Travel LNK " for airline travel!
Check them out on the Sponsors page.

Sayin' everyone?
There's been alot of updates since my last message,
on 'Da 411' , 'Links' , info bar (at the top), 'Mic Check (other artists)' , 'Tour' pages.'
Be sure too check back often because updates are being made all the time!

Thanks to everyone for all the feedback regarding the Mixtape, I really appreciate it! Don't forget to...
join the Mailing list JOIN NOW! So I could send you the latest updates &
EXCLUSIVE current never seen before LYRICS!

Mixed Music Mixtape Volume 1
IS NOW OUT !!!!!!!
You can listen now for FREE! on the Music/Audio page.
For song lyrics see:
Lyrics/Ablum-Mixtape-Lyrics page

Thanks to everyone who has visited my site & to everyone who will! People have been asking for Music, well the wait is over because my first music release: "Mixed Music Mixtape Volume 1" will be released on Fri. June 24 / 05 for FREE! in the Music/Audio page.

Here's da site, fresh is how I'm tryna keep da type/
kinda like, babies bottoms dat jus bin wiped./